5 tips for creating travel videos with your phone

Today’s phones are more than capable of producing great video, so if you don’t want to spend your money on a camera, it’s a great option! Good videos are not made by expensive equipment, but by the person shooting them. If you are into making videos, and want to use your phone, here are a few of my tips:

1. Hold it correctly

If you intend to post your videos on something other than instagram stories and snapchat, you want to shoot it horizontally (in landscape). You also want to keep it as steady as you can, which is easier if you are holding it with both hands.

2. Check the available settings

Many new phones let you change the resolution, frame rate and look and feel of the video. Some of them even do slow motion! Keep this in mind when you are out filming to get the best setting for your shot. If you are shooting waves rolling in on the beach, and want to be able to slow that down, use the 60fps setting if your phone has it. If you are shooting action adventures, you might want to use the super slow motion to get that really cool effect. On many phones you can also play around with focus and exposure – be sure to have a play with these before so you know how they work.

3. Frame the shot

Before you press record, frame your shot. Think about the composition of your shot and if you are not already read up on theĀ rule of thirds, I suggest you do some research on it. When you have the shot you want, then press record. This will save you from a lot of time going through shaky footage of you getting in to the right position.

4. Hold the shot

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with impressions when you are out filming, and you probably want to get all these amazing impressions in your videos. This can cause you to just get a quick shot of everything, but when you get home to edit your videos, you notice that most of them are unusable because they are too short. When you know which shot you want, frame it, hold it, and count to 5. Even if it is just a still video of a landscape, it is important that you get enough video to allow for editing.

5. Get an accessory

There are many great accessories to help make your videos better. I would go for a gimbal, or stabiliser, to help keep your videos nice and smooth. Most models also work as a selfie stick, so it’s easier for you to be in your videos.

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