What music can I use in my travel video?

Music sets the tone of your travel video, but where do you find it? And can you use any song you like?

What songs can I use in my videos? Can I use copyrighted songs in my travel video? Where can I find background music for my vlog? I have seen these questions, and asked them myself, several times. When you start out it’s hard to know what background music and songs to use in your travel videos and vlogs, and where to get them. Listed below are a few tips, resources and examples.

The main question you need to ask yourself, is where are you posting your videos? This actually matters quite a bit, and I’ll explain why.


Copyrighted music

Using copyrighted music is always a risk. YouTube uses content ID, which in simple words means that the songs you use in your videos can be identified and what happens next is up to the artist who owns the music. There is a possibility to get a copyright claim against you, if you are not following the instructions of any Content ID claim. If you want to use copyrighted songs, be sure to search for the song on the Music Policies page on YouTube, to check the policy for that particular song. It will show you which policy it has, as well as if it’s blocked in any countries or viewable worldwide.

Here is an example search for the song I use in my Bangkok video:

Copyright free music

If you don’t want to risk getting ads on your videos, or getting a content ID claim, YouTube has a free audio library with plenty of songs to choose from. There’s not that many songs with vocals, but you can find a few gems. My video from Phi Phi Island is made entirely with songs from this library:

Creative commons music

Another great resource for music that you can use in your travel videos worry free is the No Copyright Music Audio Library which is a collection of music made available through creative commons licenses – these songs can also be used outside of YouTube. I find this to be a great resource, and I used a song I found here in my latest video Welcome To Queensland:

Facebook & Instagram

Copyrighted songs

These two are a little bit tricker since they don’t use Content ID and the possibility for the owners of the songs to decide what happens. Videos with copyrighted songs will simple be removed, and you risk not being able to upload videos again. I would suggest staying away from copyrighted songs if you intend to upload your videos to these channels.

Copyright free music

There is now copyright free music that you can use on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook recently released its Sound Collection that “are free and clear to use in any videos you create and share on Facebook and Instagram”. This is great news! I haven’t had the opportunity to go through the library yet, but I am hoping that there is some quality stuff in there.

Creative commons music

As I mentioned above, the creative commons music can be used outside of YouTube. This means you can use the same song in your video for each of the platforms. So if you intend to post your videos in more than one channel, my recommendation is using the No Copyright Music Audio Library 

PAID services

I have not tried any of these services, but if you can’t find what you are looking for in the above libraries, maybe check out some of the payed services:

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